Building a new timber fence or other structure can sometimes be confusing. Our fencing help section will help solve any questions you may have about your rights or neighbours rights, government fencing legislation, or how to prepare your fencing boundaries prior to installation.

I have no idea how much fencing costs. How can I get a rough idea?

 You can use our online fence estimator to give you an idea of fencing costs. Please note that this is only an estimate, and not allow for individual project requirements.

Am I obligated to LongBeach Fencing if I request a quote?

 No. We offer a 100% no obligation free quote service.

Do I have to pay half the cost for my neighbour’s fence?

 Yes. The law (Fences Act 1968) clearly states that occupiers of the adjoining lands shall be liable to join in or contribute in such proportions as are agreed upon or, in the absence of agreement, are determined by the Magistrates’ Court under this Act.

For more information please visit the website.

I received a Fencing Notice, will the fence go all around my property?

 If you have received a Fencing Notice the fence will be errected along the fence line of your property and your neighbours property. The fence line generally is along the side of your property. Please note that the fence will stop at the building line (the fence will not be errected to the footpath), if you would like to extend the building line please contact us.

Can I have the ‘paling side’ of the fence facing me?

 You can request which side palings are shown, however, it’s at the fencer’s discretion as often the fencer must place palings in a specific direction.

Can my neighbour insist on getting a fencing quote from another company?

 Yes they can. In such a situation it is your responsibility to reach an outcome with your neighbour.

Who is responsible for clearing the old fence?

 LongBeach Fencing can provide a quote for removal of your old fence, and clearing the fence line of all vegetation, stumps, concrete etc. It is your responsibility to ensure that the fence line is clear of all obstructions to provide a clear working area and access. For more information please visit our terms and conditions

How long will it take to build my new fence?

 Construction can vary depending on the length, design style and surrounding areas. Usually at the time of quote we will be able to advise you the estimated time.

When will you start building my fence?

 The construction date can vary based on a number of factors, we will provide an estimated start date when the quote has been accepted.

How do I pay?

 Payment is due strictly upon completion of construction or any other LongBeach fencing service. We accept cash, direct debit and bank cheques only. Visit our Payment Options page or terms and conditions for more information.
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